The Band Boosters support the Forney High School Band at games, competitions, trips, behind the scenes and everything in between. None of this is possible without Volunteers, and we depend on your participation to make the most of your child’s band experience. Volunteering is a great way to meet parents, and gain a unique perspective on your child’s band experience. 

There are many levels of commitment available to support the band, and it all starts with volunteering at at least 2 games or events per season. It’s an expectation for every student household; without these critical volunteers, this program doesn’t work.

Forney ISD requires all adults who volunteer for any official school activities or on school property where they may have contact with students, to complete and clear a background check as well as Volunteer training assessment. Background checks and assessments must be submitted each and every school year to be valid. The background checks are not considered ‘clear’ until confirmation that you have passed the background check has been recieved. Make sure you complete the assessement and submit your background check as soon as possible, as they may take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to complete.

This is a two-step process, that begins with the Volunteer Training. Once completed, you will be emailed a link to complete the Background Check Authorization form, and the background check will begin. All steps must be completed, and confirmation must be recieved to be considered ‘clear’ for volunteer activities.

Volunteer Opportunities

Concessions – Home Games

Concessions make a huge contribution to fundraising for the band. Volunteers are always needed to help cook and prepare food, serve customers as well as get concessions setup and cleaned and closed down for every game. Volunteers are needed for before, during and just after the finish of all games.

Game Day Meals

The meal plan offered to band students provides meals on game days to those students who have previously paid into the plan. Volunteers will serve catered or prepared meals for students and perform cleanup of spaces used to distribute, serve or consume meals.

Competition Meals

Volunteers for competition meals will assist in preparing, serving and cleanup of meals from catered sources, or those meals cooked on site. This includes setup and breakdown of any additional equipment required, and may be completed at a remote site (based on location rules and requirements).


The job of water distribution at games, contests and events is a crucial one. Volunteers will prep coolers and large water jugs, and transport to the stadium or game/event/contest locations, as well distribute water when event logistics neccessitate. This volunteer role is excellent for family members wishing to volunteer together.


Responsible for event decorations (such as Homecoming, Band Beau/Sweetheart ceremony, etc), letter jackets, sale and distribution of spirit items and other swag.


This committee is responsible for planning and executing social activities for band students such as the Band Banquet in the spring, refreshments for concerts, socials for summer rehearsals, refreshments for judges at hosted events, etc.


Volunteers to load, unload and move equipment, instruments and supplies from trailers, as well as some assembly, disassembly and field repairs as directed; this committee works directly with the Director of Percussion.

Props & Field Equipment

This group of volunteers is responsible for the loading and unloading, assembly and disassembly, and field repair of props and equipment for games, away games and competitions.


Responsible for the fitting, altering and disbursement of marching and concert uniforms (including hat, gloves, socks and ponchos) and for organizing of uniform cleaning, storage and the storage facility. Volunteers with sewing skills are appreciated, but this skill is not required.


A volunteer is needed to serve as the photographer and/or videographer of all activities and events. The individual submits and curates a selection of media stored and shared on all web platforms in use by the Band, the Band Boosters, and compiles and coordinates media needs for press and any publications.


Volunteers need to be organized and led; the Volunteer coordinator is responsible for assigning volunteers, and maintaining requirements and records as required by the FISD volunteer policy.


Responsible for the general safety and students to and from, as well as at events, contests and games. Chaperones function as an ever-present resource for students needing an adult, and a monitoring and feedback system for Boosters and Directors.

Trip Chaperones

Out of town trips present a unique chaperone opportunity and as such, have unique requirements and responsibilities. Please review these requirements carefully before considering being a Chaperone for an. out-of-town trip. Selection and notification of Chaperones will be directed by the Volunteer Coodinator and the direction of the Band Booster Board.



  • Must have a completed (passed) the Volunteer training and Background Check with FISD
  • Must have a student (or be a family member of) in the FHS Band program, or Band Alumni/Alumni parents
  • Must be in good standing with Band Fees (if applicable)
  • Must have volunteered with the Band/Band Boosters before


  • Riding buses/transportation with students (not guaranteed to be riding with YOUR student).
  • Staying at the assigned posting for the duration of the trip. Assigned postings vary, and may involve missing parts of competitions or activities in order to provide needed support. Duties often overlap freetime for students and Directors, monitoring and availability are part of the assignment.
  • Lodging in facilities with students; Chaperone duties require being where the students are, and typically require lodging in the same location (same hotel as directed by the Booster Board, Directors for example).
  • All required tasks; these trips are made possible by chaperone volunteers, and as such a variety of tasks may be expected from our volunteers including cooking, cleaning, loading/unloading of supplies, luggage and equipment, serving meals, role, after-hours monitoring, etc. If it’s needed, it will be a chaperone(s) that needs to do it.

Additional Notes

  • Final decisions on chaperone eligibility and final selection are made by the Band Director and/or the Booster Board
  • Arrangements for time off from work need to be made for the duration of the trip, but should not be finalized until you are confirmed to be selected for a chaperone role
  • There will be chaperone meetings that are required for all chaperones both prior to and during the course of trips.


Non-Volunteer Attendence

Families that wish to attend events and trips that are not volunteering are welcome to do so, but will be responsible for making their own arrangements. The Band or Band Boosters will not be able to provide, arrange or include in accommodations, any transportation, lodging, meals or tickets to events or activities. 

Also note that your student is required to be with the band at all times during these trips, and cannot be released to parents without prior arrangements and authorizations with FISD and FHS administration. The Band directors, Band Boosters and Chaperones are responsible for the supervision of students for the duration of the trip, and visiting family and friends may not be able to join the band at rehearsals, meals, activities or lodging locations. Specific information for each trip will be available closer to the departure of each trip, and will be communicated on a per-trip basis.