MULCHAPALOOZA – Mulch Fundraiser

Our inaugural mulch fundraiser for Forney Residents and area businesses runs just in time for sprucing up those yards for Spring. We are offering bulk ordering and pickup or even delivery of quality mulch for a great price, all in support of your local school band!

We are providing high quality mulch in 3 cubic foot bags (this is 50% larger than what you’ll find with many local retailers), in Hardwood, and Colored Mulch varieties (red, brown, black).

Deliveries and pick up orders will be Saturday, March 20th, in the Forney High School Parking lot.



Indoor Fees

Fee payments for the 2021 Indoor Percussion season, as well as payments for all other FHS Band Fees for the 2020-2021 year can be made directly via the payment page. For those wishing to make Indoor Fee payments in full, the payment page will allow you to change the dollar amount to reflect the total amount you intend to pay. Payments can also be made at any time directly via Venmo to @FHSBand-Boosters

WMS Indoor Percussion payments should be made via Venmo to @FHSBand-Boosters

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Buy from Amazon and a portion of eligible purchases automatically go to support the Forney High School Band –with no additional cost to you! From school essentials to every items, gifts, holiday and everything in between; there are tens of. millions of products that are eligible for donations. Just shop with your current Amazon account to start contributing today, or just click at the right.

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This stuff just isn’t possible without parent volunteers for literally everything. Field crew, loading and unloading, trips, events, concessions, booster positions and so much more; find out how you can make a difference.

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If it’s scheduled, you’ll find it here. An entire marching season of games and contests, concerts and winter competitions, special events and booster meetings; this is the official calendar of the FHS Band.

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