4th Annual

MULCHAPALOOZA – Mulch Fundraiser

It’s the return of our highly anticipated mulch fundraiser for Forney residents and area businesses! We are offering bulk ordering and pickup or even delivery of quality mulch for a great price; all in support of your local school band! Sales run from Mar. 1st to April 14th.

We are providing high-quality mulch in 2 cubic foot bags, in Hardwood, and Colored Mulch varieties (red, brown, black). Delivery and pick-up orders will be on Saturday, April 27th, in the City Bank Stadium parking lot.

For more information about Mulchapalooza, including our delivery area, visit the Mulchapalooza information page.

Mulchapalooza 2022

Shop and Support FHS Band

We all buy stuff, but you can buy the stuff you are already buying with these retailers and support the FHS Band program! See information for each retailer below to get started, or renew your support.


Do you shop at Kroger? Why not put all of those dollars to work supporting the FHS Band! Kroger has a huge non-profit support program that is super simple to use: just sign up for your charity with your rewards account, then just shop like normal. It couldn’t be easier!

Info on adding FHS Band Boosters to your Rewards account can be found here

Sponsor the Forney Band

How Donations support the band

  • Marching show costs
  • Camps & specialized instruction
  • Trailers & transportation
  • Performance uniforms
  • Scholarships
  • And so much more!


Staying up to date couldn’t be easier! Find the short code you need to keep you in the loop on schedules, details and the latest news for games, competitions, concerts and more.

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This stuff just isn’t possible without parent volunteers for literally everything. Field crew, loading and unloading, trips, events, concessions, booster positions and so much more; find out how you can make a difference.

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If it’s scheduled, you’ll find it here. An entire marching season of games and contests, concerts and winter competitions, special events and booster meetings; this is the official calendar of the FHS Band.

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